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    select id, user_name, k, v
        from nodes, node_tags
        where = node_tags.node_id and in (select node_id from node_tags  where k = 'amenity' and v = 'parking');
    select id, user_name, k, v
        from ways, way_tags
        where = way_tags.way_id and in (select way_id from way_tags  where k = 'amenity' and v = 'parking');

    Vypĺňané fieldy v Lucene indexe:

    Key in lucenes field Value in lucenes field type of lucenes field
    id IDčko. buď node, alebo way UnIndexed
    type node, alebo way UnIndexed
    author user_name Keyword
    name name Keyword
    parsedTag parking parkovanie Keyword
    otherTags ostatné tagy vlastnené objektom Keyword


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